Rachel (sugarcult_sex) wrote in alligator_gar,

ok ya here's my application
yay I figured it out... i didn't relize photobucket had changed the second code
1. Name- Rachel
2. Age - 15
3. Location - Tucson, Az
4. Some Pictures of You. No obscured angles/high contrast bullshit. Don't try and hide your ugly face.
Do i really have to do this? you know what i look like...ohwell

5. Favorites:
-band - Sugarcult Fall Out Boy or Name Taken
-book - Bless Me ,Ultima -
movie - I don't know I rarely see movies sadly
6. If the world were going to end in ten hours and you were given $1,000,000 what would you do? I would go to the mall or something like that and just buy anythign i ever wanted

7. Tell us some sort of juicy confession. Make it
Interesting. I hate my best friend sometimes more than anyone i know..is that juicy...i don't think so i'm sorry i lead a lame life i can honestly think of nothining! 8. Describe yourself. shy, over jealous,over nice
9. Give us an example of you promoting ourcommunity.[promotion=we likey] I made a thread at the fall out boy
message board telling people to join 10.
What are your opinions on rap music? it's ok... i used to have an immense hate for it but now i don't think its so bad...well some of it
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