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byeeee.. I'm moving tomorrow to "chavon" (the art school)... yay! and well maybe I wont post too much but I'll do my best :) ciaoo.. ow and I have this story...

there's koree, ricky and natty, fighting for the sofa

there's hector... he's such and alcoholic...

meh and koree yay!.. can u feel the love?

oww look, there's polly playing guitar hehe

so look... polly and I at mankala's drinking for free cuz its lady's night wee hee

when koree, natz and I became blood sisters

heeh look the needle, that's and insulin injection..

ouch bloody fingers ...

aww ma sistas

our blood signs

yay now we're sisters BOO HOO

also look at my new nose piercing!! it's cute...
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